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Government Information: British Parliamentary Papers

About the British Parliamentary Papers, and the Irish University Press (IUP) reprint series

The British Parliamentary Papers contain source material of interest in academic disciplines including history, commerce, economics, sociology and law.  Papers include reports of Select Committees, reports of Royal Commissions, bills, and more.

Every Paper can be identified by its Command number or by its Sessional number.  New series of Sessional numbers were used for each session of Parliament, while Command numbers continued consecutively between sessions.

Parliamentary Papers date back to the year 1497, and they continue to be published today.  There are approximately 7,000 volumes of Parliamentary Papers for the period 1800 to 1925 alone. 

In the late 1960s and early 1970s the Irish University Press (IUP) reprinted selected Parliamentary Papers from the 19th Century into 1,000 printed volumes, known as the "IUP 1000-Volume Series, 1801-1899".

This page lists the volumes from the IUP 1000-Volume Series held at Murphy Library, and also highlights Parliamentary Papers finding aids that we have available.

Parliamentary Papers finding aids, digitized

Parliamentary Papers finding aids in print

These books are kept in the Reference section on the first floor in the library.

Parliamentary Papers holdings at Murphy Library

Some 14,000 Parliamentary Papers are available at

Of the 1000 volumes that exist in the IUP Parliamentary Papers reprint series, the following are the 285 volumes held at Murphy Library.

The Sessional numbers of included Papers are given in round brackets, while the Command numbers of included Papers are given in square brackets.

These books are all shelved in the Oversize Collection (2nd floor), and they may be checked out of the library.