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Voting Resources : Next Election/How to Vote

Next Election

Spring Election: April 7, 2015

On the ballot:

  • Circuit Court Judge, Branch 5
  • Council Member Districts 9 - 17
  • Justice of the Supreme Court
  • School Board Member, La Crosse or Onalaska School District
  • State Referendum: "Election of chief justice. Shall section 4 (2)of article VII of the constitution be amended to direct that a chief justice of the supreme court shall be elected for a two-year term by a majority of the justices then serving on the court?"

2015 April Election Information and Sample Ballots from the La Crosse County Clerk's Office

UW-L Student Voters

UW-L provides student voter enrollment verification forms for voter registration.  Details below.

Other documentation may meet proof of residency requirements for voter registration.  Please see information and links to the right for more information.

How to Vote

Anyone registering to vote MUST provide proof of residency.

Where To Vote

Assuming you reside in the City of La Crosse:

Your voting location can be determined by locating your residence on the Ward Map. Wards are outlined & numbered in red on the map. The ward in which you live determines your voting location.  

Consult the Polling Location List to determine the voting location for residents of your ward.

UW-L students living on campus reside in ward 8; ward 8 residents vote at the UW-L Recreational Eagle Center.

All citizens of Wisconsin may use the following link to determine their voting location: