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Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies (SUBJECT GUIDE): Books/E-Books

Searching for Books: How to

Basic Searching

  • Type one or more words you are looking for into the search.
  • Click the search button. Primo will begin a search for all the words you typed. 
  • To search for a specific phrase, type quotation marks around the phrase.  (example: "migrant worker")
  • To use the Boolean operators OR or NOT, enter them in uppercase letters when using Primo for them to work as operators.
  • Once you have your initial search results, you can fine-tune them  by using facets.

Advanced Searching

You can also use the advanced search option for more precise searching.

  • After doing a basic search, find the advanced search option.
  • Click on the words "Advanced Search." 

                  Image of the search box and advanced search link

There are many options to explore in the drop-down options of Advanced Search.  For example, here is one sample advanced search, where the material type "books" has been selected:

Image of advanced search with keywords "migrant workers" AND women OR female, material type "books"

Video tutorials

UWL Books & Media

Using Filters

You can apply filters to your results, to fine tune your search.  Look at the left hand column for filter options.  

After selecting a filter, be sure to click the green "Apply Filters" button to activate the filter.

Commonly used filters include:

  • Resource Type (Are you looking for books?Articles? Dissertations? Limit by these resource types)
  • Show Only (Want items physically in the library? Online resources? Peer reviewed?)
  • Creation Date (Want something within the last five years? Limit your date range)
  • Language (Getting too many results written in other languages? Limit your preferred language)


Image of the filter with "books" selected



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