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GEO 110 World Cultural Regions, Good, spring 2021: Journals

Journals or Journal Articles?

A journal (also called: academic journal, scholarly journal, peer-reviewed journal) is a type of publication that publishes new issues on a regular basis such as monthly or quarterly.  Each new issue of a journal contains several articles.  These journal articles are papers that researchers have written to report on the results of their project, experiment, study, or research.  Each article was submitted to the editor of that specific journal for consideration for publication.  Each submitted article is reviewed for quality by a board of topical experts associated with that journal.  Once the article passes this peer review process, the journal accepts the article, and proceeds to publish it in the next available issue of the journal.

A journal is one kind of periodicalMagazines and newspapers are also periodicals.  Magazines and newspapers have editors too, but articles published in magazines and newspapers do not undergo the peer review process that is characteristic of scholarly journals.

The tools on this page can be used to browse journals available through Murphy Library, or to verify whether or not a given journal is available in the collections of Murphy Library.

The tools on this page are NOT designed for finding articles on a given topic.  Check the next tab for that!

Journal Subscriptions

Journal Search

Use this shortcut to the Murphy Library Catalog to check if the library provides access to a specific periodical title (whether online, in print, or on microform), and if so, what issues are available and how to access them. 

(Note that this is not a tool to search for journal articles!)