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Journal Acceptance rates

Please note: Journals may differ in the way they calculate acceptance rates.  Typically it refers to the number of manuscripts accepted for publication relative to the number of manuscripts submitted within the last year.  Below are some ways to determine journal acceptance rate:

  • Browse the 'information for authors' section of a journal's website.
  • Do a Google search for: Journal Title "acceptance rate"
  • Check for the acceptance rate in the “information for authors” section on a journal's website. 
  • Look for the journal's annual editor's report,which provides details on the number of manuscript submissions and the journal's editorial process.

Some associations provide information on acceptance rates for journals within the field:

  • APA Journals Acceptance rates
    Information about manuscript rejection rates, circulation data, publication lag time, and other journal statistics for American Psychological Association Journals.
  • American Economic Association (AEA) Journals
    Each year's May issue of the American Economic Review (May issue) includes individual reports by the editor of each AEA journal that describes the review process, acceptance rates and other information of interest to authors. These reports are found at the end of the May issue and are open access.
  • Family and Consumer Sciences Research Institute
    a list of journals that includes acceptance rate, number of manuscripts recieved, and peer review process for journals relevant to the fields of family and consumer economics including sociology.

Where to Publish: Article Submissions

How do you know which journal is the right fit for your article? Review the scope of the journal carefully to make sure your article falls with the topics that are covered by the journal. Resources for journal submissions are listed below:

Other Resources for Authors