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MGT 420: Entrepreneurship: Articles & Databases

Products and Services

Article searching can be a good way to find information on products or services to help you determine whether or not such a venture serves a need in the marketplace. Other people may have already written about the type of product or service you are investigating, and the information you find can help you determine if your product or service would be successful.


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Consumers/Target Market

Simmons Insights

Simmons Insights

Simmons Insights is the new consumer intelligence and discovery platform that has replaced the Simmons OneView platform. Insights includes Dictionary Search, which looks and works just like OneView but with several improvements. Insights also includes Smart Search, a new intuitive search feature that allows you to search for terms without worrying about word order or exactly matching the word in the Simmons dictionary.


These tutorials are currently based on the Simmons OneView platform (the predecessor of Insights), but the key concepts remain similar. Keep an eye out for updated tutorials coming soon.

Simmons User Guides