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HED 320 The U.S. Health Care System: Federal Government Sources

All are welcome to use this guide to learn about healthcare in the United States.

Federal Government Sources

The links below will connect you with some of the major healthcare-related resources in the national government of the United States. Several of the links below will allow you to navigate to many other resources; for instance the Department of Health and Human Services connects to many of the other links listed on this page. All of the links have something to offer our understanding of assessing, formulating policies and programs, and assuring timely and effective access to healthcare in the United States. was created to implement the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare".

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid is the most concentrated source of information about those two government approaches to financing healthcare in the United States.

The Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality is a great source of knowledge about healthcare in the US including what works or fails to work with comparative assessments of our states and different population segments.

Quasi-governmental Initiatives

The following national sources received initial or continuing funding from Congress, but are governed independently.