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Resources for Distance Education : Off-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Access

Many library resources, such as the catalog and the Journals & Newspapers Locator, are available anywhere in the world without having to log in.

Most of the information databases and periodicals that the library subscribes to are also available off campus, but only to users affiliated with UWL.

Login procedures are as follows:

  1. At the Murphy Library website, select a database to search.
  2. After you select a database, you will be asked for a username and password. 
  3. Students: In the username box, enter your UWL NetIDExample: lastname.firs
    (Most UWL NetID user names follow this format: first 8 letters of your last name followed by a dot (.) followed by the first 4 letters of your first name.)
  4. Faculty: In the username box, enter your UWL NetIDExample: Flastname
    Most Faculty and Staff UWL NetID user names follow this format: first name initial followed by the last name.)
  5. DO NOT include or as part of your username.
  6. In the password box, enter your UWL NetID password
  7. Remember, you will use the exact same user name and login as you use to login to Canvas and to on-campus computers - your NetID

More information

Delivery of Materials

What must I know before I complete the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan Form?

Before you fill in the ILLiad Interlibrary Loan form, make sure you are eligible for this service and that you agree to the procedures and responsibilities as outlined below. Important: When filling in the form, make sure you answer YES  if you are enrolled in a distance based class.

Who is eligible for home delivery?

To be eligible for home delivery of library materials, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be currently enrolled in or employed by UW-La Crosse
  • You must be currently participating in a distance-based class or program
  • Your current mailing address in the UWL campus database must be outside of La Crosse County.

Examples of people eligible for home delivery include:

  • students taking distance education courses
  • students in study abroad programs
  • faculty members on sabbatical or temporarily living outside the area
  • Students commuting from outside the county whose classes meet when the library is not open (some classes during intersession periods).

What materials can be delivered?

In general, we will deliver most circulating materials in the library that are not accessible to you on your own. For example, if you request an article from a periodical to which the library subscribes in print, we would photocopy that article and send it to you. However if that article is available in one of our full text article databases, which you can access from off campus, you would be expected to retrieve that article on your own.

Specific examples of materials eligible for home delivery include:

  • Articles from periodicals available in the library (but not also already available online)
  • Circulating materials such as books, videos, and government documents.
  • Circulating materials from other libraries that are not available in Murphy Library.

How long can items be kept?

The library's normal circulation policies apply. These policies can be seen at the Circulation Services Borrowing Privileges web page.

How are items shipped?

Murphy Library will ship to you via either through the U.S. mail or electronic delivery. When possible, periodical articles may be scanned and sent electronically. Examples of how items are shipped include:

  • Books and videos are shipped in mailers that can be reused when returning items.
  • Articles are posted for electronic delivery or sent as a pdf email attachment No return necessary.
  • Microfiche items less than 50 pages will be photocopied and mailed or posted electronically. If longer, the microfiche will be mailed. Microfiche readers can be found at many schools and libraries.

What are user responsibilities?

To have materials delivered to you, you must agree to the following responsibilities:

  • Materials are shipped at the library's expense and are returned at the users’ expense.
  • If lost in the mail, damaged, or not returned for any reason, you will be billed for replacement and processing costs.
  • If returned late, you will be responsible for any fines and fees imposed by Murphy Library or other libraries that were involved in the transaction.
  • If overdue notices are ignored, ILL privileges will be blocked.
  • Unresolved fines and fees will result in a block on student records, graduation, etc.
  • Although loss through mail is very unlikely, users may elect to return by insured or certified mail.
  • Communications regarding delivery of materials will be sent to your UWL email. Users must check their UWL email to keep up to date with requests, fines, etc.
  • Users must keep their current student address up to date.
  • If you leave the area for an extended period of time and wish to receive materials, you must change your home address with UWL.

What other ways are there to receive materials?

Full Text Databases. In many cases, you will be able to find full-text articles online, using databases that Murphy Library subscribes to. You can read, print, save, or email these articles instantly with no additional library contact required. Use the databases found in our Subject Guides or the list of All Databases by Title

Local Public Libraries. Your local library may have a wealth of resources and services. Most libraries participate in interlibrary loan services, which allows them to request books from libraries around the country. This is often the fastest way to receive an item that is not available in Murphy Library. Visit this list of public libraries in Wisconsin to find one near you.

Other UW-System Schools. Is there a 2-year or 4-year campus near you? If so, as an enrolled student at UWL you are eligible to use their facilities and their resources. You may also elect to have library materials from Murphy Library delivered or returned to any UW-System school. This can speed up response times and save you postage. Visit this list of academic libraries in Wisconsin to find one near you.

Research Assistance

Reference Desk

Librarians can help you learn to make the most of the information resources, tools, and services of Murphy Library and beyond!

Weekdays & Sunday afternoons (fall/spring):

  • Visit us at the reference desk (1st floor)
  • Call us at 608.785.8508
  • Web Chat with us

Any time (year-round):

Local history and/or archives research? Special Collections / Area Research Center specialists are available!