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Dissertations and Theses: Guide

UWL Master's Theses, Available Online

Many theses and dissertations written by UWL students are available online at MINDS@UW.

UWL Master's Theses, Listed in the Library Catalog

Searching the Catalog:

The best method to identify master's theses written at UWL is to search Search@UW for the search terms: "la crosse" AND thesis

Example: "la crosse" AND thesis AND recreation AND wisconsin

For UWL undergraduate papers and theses, instead of the search term "thesis" use the search phrase: "seminar papers"

For UWL graduate projects (MEPD students), instead of "thesis" use the search phrase: "graduate projects"

You may also choose to browse the library catalog by Library of Congress call number.  Browse for the call number WT for master's theses, WS for undergraduate seminar papers, or WX for MEPD graduate projects.  These materials are shelved by call number in the second floor stacks in the library.

Example: WT

First, select the Browse Search function in Search@UW:


Then, enter the call number to browse:

UWL Master's Theses, On the Shelves in the Library

Browsing the Stacks:

Theses written by UWL students can be found in the second floor stacks (1958-2009) and in Special Collections (1958-present), shelved at the call number: WT

Seminar papers written by UWL students from 1958-2010 can be found in Special Collections, shelved at the call number: WS

Graduate projects written by UWL students from 1979-2009 can be found in the second floor stacks and in Special Collections, shelved at the call number: WX

Dissertations and Theses on Microform

Murphy Library has a collection of master's and doctorial microfiche collection of papers in physical education. The set is compiled by the University of Oregon. The papers are cataloged and can be searched in the same way as described above. Use the term thesis and other search terms to find master's and doctoral papers in this collection. 

The library also subscribes to other compilations and directories of theses and dissertations on microfilm or microfiche. Please contact Reference Services for more information.

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