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MKT 309: Principles of Marketing: Articles & Databases


Can't find it here?



Murphy Library does not have a "product sales information" database, so you need to look through the resources that we do have for sales information. 

For many specific, branded products (Post-It Notes, Scotch Magic Tape, Nexcare Bandages, etc.) you will not be able to easily find sales data. However, creative searching using the following techniques and those demonstrated in the videos in the box below will help you find anything that does exist. 

Try these techniques in the recommended databases below - if the data is there, you'll probably find it. These are just a few suggested techniques that can be applied to any of the suggested databases. You may have to try other options as well, so be prepared to do some creative searching.

  • Start with just your product name alone (Scotch Tape). See how many results you get. If not enough, try variations on your product name (Scotch Magic Tape, Scotch adhesive tape).
  • If you're not finding anything, search for the category, not the brand (transparent tape, clear tape, adhesive tape, etc.)
  • If you're finding too much or unrelated things, add your company name (3M tape, 3M Scotch, etc.)

Videos for finding product sales data

Remember, to get to ABI/INFORM, you have to find it with Business Premium Collection. When you complete a search in Business Premium Collection, go to the database filter on the left hand side and select all of the ABI/INFORM database options. Then use the techniques listed above and demonstrated within this video to find product and sales information.


There are two main places we recommend you look when searching for Demographic and Consumer information for this class: Simmons Insights and the New Strategist reference books (check out the Books/E-Books tab in this LibGuide to learn more about these).

Simmons Insights

Simmons Insights is the new consumer intelligence and discovery platform that has replaced the Simmons OneView platform. Insights includes Dictionary Search, which looks and works just like OneView but with several improvements. Insights also includes Smart Search, a new intuitive search feature that allows you to search for terms without worrying about word order or exactly matching the word in the Simmons dictionary.


See this Simmons Insights libguide from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville for useful tutorials and information on how to build crosstabs or create quick reports. 

The tutorials listed below are currently based on the Simmons OneView platform (the predecessor of Insights), but the key concepts remain similar. Keep an eye out for updated tutorials coming soon.

Simmons User Guides