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MUS 264 - History of Western Music I: Composers

Resources and Information for Researching Western Music from the earliest periods through the Baroque Period (~1750)


The lists to the right consist of books about a few selected composers and their music. Use the call numbers of these books to locate even more resources.


ML 410 .V82 has the books about Vivaldi and his music.

You can go right to the 2nd floor of Murphy Library and find the ML 410 section to browse for composers -- they're in alphabetical order by composer.

Composer Call Numbers

Here is a list of some of the primary composers.

Bach, J.S. ML 410 .B1
Buxtehude ML 410 .B99
Byrd ML 410 .B996
Carissimi ML 410 .C3268
Charpentier ML 410 .C42
Clementi ML 410 .C64
Corelli ML 410 .C78
Couperin ML 410 .C855
Frescobaldi   ML 410 .F85
Gabrieli, G. ML 410 .G11
Gesualdo ML 410 .G29
Handel ML 410 .H13
Lully ML 410 .L95
Machaut ML 410 .G966
Monteverdi ML 410 .M77
Palestrina ML 410 .P15
Purcell ML 410 .P93
Rameau ML 410 .R2
Scarlatti, A. ML 410 .S22
Scarlatti, D. ML 410 .S221
Schütz ML 410 .S35
Telemann ML 410 .T26
Vivaldi ML 410 .V82

Composers and Their Music

Books about Multiple Composers