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RT 325 - Radiation Therapy Readings, Writing, and Research: Zotero

What is Zotero

How to Install Zotero

Recommended easy installation choice:

  • Download Firefox Zotero ( Firefox works better compared to other browsers)
  • The computers on campus already have Zotero installed for students and faculty use (you can find it by searching Zotero in the computer search bar)

You can also use Zotero by installing the following choices:

Microsoft Word Add-In Zotero

Quick insert bibliographies:

  • Directly drag selected item(s) in Zotero to Microsoft Word, Mac Pages, Google Docs or Evernote, the bibliographies will be inserted with the default citation style you set

Microsoft Word Add-In:

  • The add-in can connect your Zotero account to Word to insert citations and bibliographies
  • Installation: Click Zotero  -- click "settings" --click "Preferences" -- choose "Cite"  -- click "install Microsoft Word Add-in"/ or go to the website to choose the proper edition Add-In
  • Open Word -- Click "Add-In" -- choose the proper citation or bibliography choice

More Information

Murphy Library has a full  Zotero guide, here is the full guide:

We also recommend Zotero Guide from Georgia State University.

Zotero Official Quick Start Guide and Zotero Instruction Content

Please contact our Instruction Librarian with any questions.

How to Use Zotero

The steps for using Zotero Standalone and Zotero Firefox are almost the same. Here is an example of Zotero Firefox.

  • Create a Zotero account for saving, collecting and sharing (Activation email may be in the clutter or spam box)
  • Create folders to organize sources
    • Click the  logo located in the top of the browser tool bar to open the operating interface
    • Right click "my library" or click the folder icon​ to  "create new collections." This will create new folders. 


  • Save sources (Popular!): When you want to save a source, click the plug-in icon on the Internet browser tool bar. It will  save directly into your selected Zotero collection. Zotero can tell the source type and screenshot the webpage or save the full text if access is available. 




  • Export Citations and bibliographies
    • Set citation styles: Click Zotero  -- click "settings" --click "Preferences" -- choose "Export"  -- select proper "Default output format" (If you don't find the one you need, go to Zotero Citation Styles to select and add) 
    • Export in-text citations: Right click the selected item(s) -- choose "create bibliography from the item…" -- choose "citation styles", output "Citations" and output method -- click "OK"
    • Export bibliographies: Right click the selected item(s)/ right click the selected collection -- choose "create bibliography from the item/collection…" -- choose "citation styles", output "bibliography " and output method -- click "OK"
  • Sync:
    • Click Zotero  -- click "settings" --click "Preferences" -- choose "Sync" -- input username and password and check sync choices
    • Shortcut: After signing in, click the sync button on the right side of the top tool bar 
  • Sharing with group members
    • Create a group: You can create a group on the Zotero website to set group information and members/ Or click the group icon to arrive at the group page.
    • Add items in the group collection: Drag items from "My Library"/ Or use the same operations as the step "Save sources" /Or Add items through Zotero group website