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New York Times at Murphy Library: Questions & Answers

New York Times Digital

Questions about archives

How far back does the Academic Pass go?

All the way back to the first edition in 1851.

Are there any restrictions or archival access?

Yes, from 1923 to 1980, you may access only five articles per day.

How do I get to the archives?


Questions about registering

For more troubleshooting questions and answers, visit the NYT's Academic Passes Troubleshooting Guide

Where do I register?

Do I have to be on campus to activate my pass?

No, you can do that from on or off campus.

Do I use my UWL email and password?

You DO use your email account but DO NOT use your UWL password. Create a new one just for the NYT.

Why do I have to enter my UWL email address?

This proves you are associated with UWL and are therefore eligible for the NYT academic pass. After registering, an email will be sent to your UWL email account, and you will need to click a confirmation link within that email.

What if I don't see my activation email from NYT in my inbox?

Check your spam folder. If you still can't find it, send an e-mail from your school e-mail address to with subject line: “Academic Pass - no verification e-mail.”

How long does my Academic Pass last?

Once you have activated your Academic Pass, it should allow you full access for 52 weeks (364 days) with no further action on your part. After that, you need to re-register to continue using the Academic Pass.

I already have a NYT digital account? What do I do?

At the initial registration page, look for: Already have an account? Log in here. You cannot get a refund for an existing paid account, but you can cancel your account and not pay beyond any time period already paid for.

Getting Help

Get help for the New York Times here.

To change your password, visit:

The telephone number for the NYT is 1-800-698‑4637.