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New York Times at Murphy Library: New York Times inEducation

What is NYT inEducation?

The New York Times in Education is a separate, instructional (or strategic) resource site. Faculty from a variety of higher education institutions provide commentary, additional resources, and curricular prompts for a weekly selection of NYT articles.

Resources are arranged in defined areas of study, which are:

These subject areas may be further refined by subject or learning outcomes.

Other areas within the site include General instructional strategies and Co-curricular activities.

NYT in Education

Accessing NYT inEducation

How do you access the inEducation website?

  1. Visit
  2. Select the link “Register” at the upper right hand corner.
  3. Create an account using your UWL email address as your username. 

Included in NYT inEducation

Tools & Resources

  Faculty Contributions: Articles & Questions to Guide Classroom Discussion

  Curated New York Times articles

  Custom news alerts

  Instructional strategies

  Co-curricular activities

  Weekly Digests

Subject Areas

  American Government

  Biology

  Business

  Campaigns and Election

  Criminal Justice

  Economics

  Environmental Science

  International Relations

  Leadership

  Psychology

  Religious Studies

  Writing & English Composition