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New York Times at Murphy Library: Searching

Searching for News Articles

The UWL pass covers New York Times content from 1851 to the present. While it is possible to browse the latest news or archives, it is often easiest to find articles more than a few days old through by searching. To search for an article click on the Search button at the top of the page. 


In the search bar enter your search terms.You will notice the NYT will suggest searches based on what you're typing.


From your search results you can limit results by date, author, or article type. If there is a Times Topic page available it will show up as the first result on the page. Click on an article to access it. 


More recent articles will come right up when you select them, however older articles will be available through the NYT TimesMachince. TimesMachine will bring you to the article you're looking for within the original newspaper. 


Sample of a TimesMachine record.