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How to create a playlist in Naxos Music Library


1) Go to (instead of our customized UWL URL)

2) Log in with the playlist username and password

3) Once you are logged in to Naxos Music Library, you can search for the music you would like to add.  You can add music to playlists from the album page.

4) From the album page (where you can select tracks to play), you will see a tab that says, "Add to Playlist". This is the third gray tab from the bottom. Select the tracks you want to add and click the "Add to Playlist" tab.

5) A small window will open in which you can add the chosen track(s) to an existing playlist or to a new playlist for which you can create a new title.  In order for the playlist to be available in the general subscription, the “Tab” field must be set to “My Institution Playlists.”  (Replace “My Institution” with your institution’s name).










For more information see our tutorial video here:



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