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History Department Research Module: Home


Welcome to the UWL History Department Research Module, created in conjunction with Murphy Library.  The purpose of this tool is to introduce you to the methods of locating and citing materials for your history projects and papers. History, like each discipline, has its own research needs and strategies. However, the creators of this module hope that you will be able to use many of these skills throughout your academic career.

The links to the left will take you through key information about sources, how to find them, how to cite them, and how to get more help.

Things to remember

  • Everything is free to you as a student. You are not limited by the number of resources you use nor by the frequency with which you use them.
  • Librarians, like other academic disciplines, have their own jargon. We will introduce you to several of the specialized terms that librarians use throughout this module.
  • You can access everything except print books, DVDs, and microfiche/microfilm from on or off campus. This video shows you how to access article databases from off-campus. 
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This research tool was created by Rachel Slough (Murphy Library) and Julie Weiskopf (History) with assistance from a 2012 College of Liberal Studies Faculty Development Grant. Carly S. Frerichs (UWL Class of 2014) provided images. The creators would like to thank CLS for their support.

If you have questions or concerns about this resource, please feel free to contact Julie (