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ENG 497 Protest Rhetoric: Home

Professor Darci Thoune

Archival research: the thrill of the hunt

Things slow down in the archives. It's best to love that part of archival research. It's about hunting and finding the unexpected. Archival research takes patience, curiosity, perseverance, and an appreciation of the uniqueness of items from the past. Because researchers do not generally have access to where the items are stored, it's a good idea to be friendly with your archivist (probably an introvert) and not piss them off! 

Before you head into the archives, you'll be in a good place if you've thought ahead and done some preparation. They shouldn't be doing the thinking for you, their job is to bring you items that you've asked for, or to help you connect the dots and brainstorm for other items, or other ways of looking for them. Despite their obsession with keeping things in order and accessible, they can be true out-of-the-box-thinkers. 

They love smiles and thank you's :)