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MUS 365 - History of Western Music III: Composers

Resources and Information for Researching Western Music from the Contemporary Period (1900 to the present)

Naxos Streaming Music

Don't forget that you can also stream music from Naxos, as well as read CD liner notes.


The lists to the right consist of books about a few selected 20th-century composers and their music. Use the call numbers of these books to locate even more resources.


ML 410 .C24 has the books about John Cage and his music.

You can go right to the 2nd floor of Murphy Library and find the ML 410 section to browse for composers -- they're in alphabetical order by composer.

Composer Call Numbers

Here is a brief list of some of the primary composers.

Bartók ML410.B26
Berg ML410.B47
Bernstein ML410.B566
Boulez ML410.B773
Britten ML410.B853
Cage ML410.C24
Carter ML410.C3293
Copland ML410.C756
Gershwin ML410.G288
Glass ML410.G398
Ives ML410.I94
Messiaen ML410.M595
Prokofiev ML410.P865
Rachmaninoff ML410.R12
Ravel ML410.R23
Schoenberg ML410.S283
Shostakovich ML410.S53
Sibelius ML410.S54
Stockhausen ML410.S858
Stravinsky ML410.S932
Vaughan Williams ML410.V3

Composers and their Music

Books about Multiple Composers

Notice that ML197 is a common call number. You can go to the 2nd floor of Murphy Library and browse around ML197 to find even more books about 20th-century composers.