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EDS 421 Teaching General Science Methods: Welcome

Your Assignment

Find a book that you could use in a science lesson with your field experience classroom or any grade you choose.


On a google doc include the following information:


o    Your name

o    Bibliographic reference of the book

o    NGSS standard(s) the book helps support

o    3-4 sentence summary about what the book is about

o    3-4 sentence description explaining how you would use this source for science teaching and learning


(**Make sure to suggest the grade, science topic, and how you would use this book within a lesson)


Share book and ideas with whole class or a small group

How to Start


The preferred order of things starts with a concept and ends with a book title.

  1. Choose a concept

  2. Decide on outcomes

  3. Design assessment

  4. Find a corresponding and appropriate book

Example: recycling