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THA 251: Hamlet: Home

Your Assignment

Your group is a team of dramaturgs, whose job it is to do research for a theatre company and director planning a production of Hamlet.  

There is a big divide between those who see Hamlet’s madness as merely an act, and those who see it as a real madness.  

Your job is to support your position, completing the specific investigations below, and preparing a presentation to the production team, which will take place on March 1.  

Assign these roles within your group: 

Taskmaster: who makes sure all parts of the assignment are completed. 

Scribe: Takes notes on the process of the group using the template.  Also turns in a list of names with assigned roles noted on it.  

Whip: Keeps everyone on task.  Brings group focus back when it wanders 

Standards-bearer: assures that the quality is high.  Questions whether your group can do better.

Your group needs to find answers in these three areas, and turn in, typed, the required writing and bibliographic information:

  • Textual Discrepencies
  • Design/Visuals
  • Production Reviews