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Plagiarism: UWL Plagiarism Policy

What is Plagiarism, How to Avoid It, UW-La Crosse Policies, and Resources

UW-La Crosse Policies

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse follows policies set forth in the UW System Code--part of the State of Wisconsin Administrative Code.

Chapter 14 of the UW System Code (PDF) details policies for student academic misconduct and disciplinary procedures. Plagiarism is considered a form of academic misconduct.

Statement of Principles
The university has a responsibility to promote academic honesty and integrity and to develop procedures to deal effectively with instances of academic dishonesty. Students are responsible for:

  • the honest completion and representation of their work,
  • for the appropriate citation of sources,
  • and for the respect of others' academic endeavors. 

Students who violate these standards must be confronted and must accept the consequences of their actions.

Source: the above text was taken from UWS 14.01 Statement of Principles (PDF).

Academic Misconduct
Besides plagiarism, academic misconduct also includes actions such as cheating on examinations, collaborating with others on course work when it is not permitted, and performing course work under the name of another student, among other actions.

Section 14.04 of the UW System Code (PDF) provides a full list of academic misconduct subject to disciplinary action.

If You Plagiarize...

Students who commit academic misconduct, including plagiarism, may be subjected to the following disciplinary sanctions:

  • Oral reprimand
  • A written reprimand presented only to the student
  • An assignment to repeat the work
  • A lower or failing grade on the assignment
  • A lower grade in the course
  • A failing grade in the course
  • Removal of the student from the course
  • A written reprimand to be included in the student's disciplinary file
  • Disciplinary probation
  • Suspension or expulsion from the university

One or more of the above disciplinary sanctions may be imposed.

Source: the above text was taken from UWS 14.04 Disciplinary Sanctions (PDF).