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CST 110: How to Use this Guide

Murphy Library YouTube Channel

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel? We're guessing not, but it's full of short and helpful library instructional videos. You can check it out here to see what we've posted.


Welcome to your CST 110 library guide. One this guide you'll find five modules that cover the following topics: 

1. Using the library catalog to find books and other materials

2. Using library databases to find scholarly or peer-reviewed articles

3. Strategies for evaluating information that you find online

4. Resources for learning how to cite your sources

5. Strategies for avoiding plagiarism

Please work through each module at your own pace, watch the videos, and try some of the self-assessment exercises. 

Linked below is a worksheet that your instructor would like you to complete and turn in to them. You should be able to complete the worksheet successfully once you have reviewed each module. 

CST 110 Worksheet

Murphy Library FAQ