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Library Liaisons: Faculty Library Liaisons

Academic Year 2022-2023 Library Liaisons

Department Liaison Phone  Office
Accountancy Sonja Hightower 6831 3203 Wittich Hall
Art Linda Levinson 8374 227 Wing Technology Center
Archaeology & Anthropology Tim McAndrews (C) 6774 435A Wimberly Hall
Biology Megan Litster 8252 3009 Cowley Hall
Chemistry & Biochemistry Kris Rolfhus 8289 4022 Cowley Hall
Communication Studies Taylor Cole Miller 8713 4227 Centennial Hall
Computer Science Mao Zheng 6808 217 Wing Technology Center
Economics Israt Jahan 8102 2114 Wittich Hall
Educational Studies Charlotte Roberts 8146 160C Morris Hall
English Chris McCracken 6940 425Y Wimberly Hall
Environmental Studies Margot Higgins 5249 4105 Centennial Hall
Exercise & Sport Science Scott Doberstein 8195 206 Mitchell Hall
Finance Shiang Liu 6655 3140 Wittich Hall
Geography & Earth Science Niti Mishra 8334 2004 Cowley Hall
Global Cultures & Languages Anna Keefe 5246 329B Graff Main Hall
Health Professions Amanda Carpenter 5164 4052 Health Science Center
History Penelope Hardy 8347 403I Wimberly Hall
Information Systems Peter Haried (C) 8103 241 Wing Technology Center
Management Scott Reber 8809 2207 Wittich Hall
Marketing Beth Crosby 6754 3114 Wittich Hall
Mathematics & Statistics Tushar Das 8392 1016 Cowley Hall
Microbiology Xinhui Li 8255 3011 Cowley Hall
Military Science Josh Albrecht    
Music Jonathan Borja 8410 234 Center For The Arts
Philosophy Sheryl Tuttle Ross 8427 4111 Centennial Hall
Physics Robert Ragan 8449 2013 Cowley Hall
Political Science & Public Administration James Szymalak 6648 425D Wimberly Hall
Psychology Kevin Zabel 6896 341A Graff Main Hall
Public Health & Community Health Education Lien Nguyen 6787 Wimberly Hall
Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies Richard Breaux 8309 4307 Centennial Hall
Rec Mgmt & Therapeutic Rec Dan Plunkett 8204 2044 Health Science Center
Sociology & Criminal Justice Nick Bakken 8665 437F Wimberly Hall
Student Affairs Administration Hanna Dovalina 6450 345B Morris Hall
Theatre & Dance Nic Barilar 8521 350 Center For The Arts

(C) = Department Chair



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