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FYS 100: Intro to Library Research & Resources (Koepke Spring 2024): Articles: What's the Difference?

Scholarly, Trade & Popular

One of the most important things to know when starting research at the college level is that there are different types of information: scholarly, trade and popular. They vary in who writes them, who the intended audience is, the purpose, and other characteristics.

This 5 minute video from Winona State explains the difference among the three of them. 

Characteristics of Scholarly, Trade & Popular Articles at a Glance

Article Dissection

Here is an example of an article that could be used for this assignment and the important parts that college students doing research should become familiar with:

A good tip to remember when searching for relevant sources is to look at the References Cited at the end of the article, where the author(s) cites the sources they used to write the article. Read through these sources to see if you are interested in finding one or more of them. If you find one, copy/paste the title of the article (only the title!) into the library search box on the main page of the library. 

The pdf of the article used for this example is found below.

Compare Types of Sources

Can you identify what type of sources these titles are? Choose between scholarly, trade and popular.