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FYS 100: Intro to Library Research & Resources (Koepke Spring 2024): Welcome!

Research Assistance

Reference Desk

Librarians can help you learn to make the most of the information resources, tools, and services of Murphy Library and beyond!

Weekdays & Sunday afternoons (fall/spring):

  • Visit us at the reference desk (1st floor)
  • Call us at 608.785.8508
  • Web Chat with us

Any time (year-round):

Local history and/or archives research? Special Collections / Area Research Center specialists are available!

Your Assignment


The ultimate goal is to create a team project that includes (1) a deliverable to fellow UWL first-year students focused on a team learning and connections/relationship-rich education, and (2) a presentation to our class your team process as well as the deliverable.


You will select a topic specifically related to the theme of the class “Learning Shouldn’t Be Lonely” to research. You will create a deliverable and presentation about this topic. Your topic must related to the benefits of teams in the learning space. There are a lot of options and you should feel free to pick a topic that relates to your collective team interests and one that could help you be successful in future learning teams. You should also pick a topic that allows you to explore some of the research that supports your topic as you will be asked to present five research-based strategies or ideas related to your topic.

Here are some options for topics... but these are not the only options: 

  • effective and constructive feedback in learning teams
  • synchronous technology with virtual teams
  • asynchronous technology with in-person teams 
  • reflective and productive in group/team study approaches
  • self-testing as with group/team learning
  • benefits of create learning teams
  • study team techniques to increase learning retention
  • planning team learning for spaced practice
  • strategies to create group/team charters

Contact Pam for help!

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Pam Cipkowski