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FYS 100: Intro to Library Research & Resources (Koepke Fall 2023): Welcome!

Research Assistance

Reference Desk

Librarians can help you learn to make the most of the information resources, tools, and services of Murphy Library and beyond!

Weekdays & Sunday afternoons (fall/spring):

  • Visit us at the reference desk (1st floor)
  • Call us at 608.785.8508
  • Web Chat with us

Any time (year-round):

Local history and/or archives research? Special Collections / Area Research Center specialists are available!

Your Assignment

You will select a topic specific related to the theme of the class “Learning Shouldn’t Be Lonely”. Specifically, you will create a deliverable to outreach to fellow UWL first-year students focused on a specific topic related to collaborative/group/team study technique OR (classroom) team/group work improvement technique.

You will present FIVE strategies about your topic. The five strategies need to be presented to your peers in a way that is effective for the audience and topic. Your five strategies must be researched and evidence-support approaches (you will need reliable sources), practical for other students to apply, and group-focused techniques. Two of your five strategies need to connect to textbook ideas and approaches.

You get to decide what the outreach effort will be: a TikTok video, a slidedeck on Instagram, a set of Tweets, an infographic for a poster board in the res halls, an advertisement on YouTube, etc. Really truly, you can get creative as long as you meet the criteria! You will need to launch your deliverable to the audience.

Here are some options for topics... but these are not the only options:
• How to use self-practices as with group/team learning
• How and why to create learning teams
• How and why study teams increase learning retention
• How to create a plan for team learning and using spaced practice
• How and why to create group/team charters
• How, why, and when to use synchronous technology with groups
• How, why, and when to use asynchronous technology with groups
• How to be reflective and productive in group/team study approaches