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ENG 110 Butterfield Fall 2023: Home


Guest Column (the research essay)

Write a 750-850 word “guest column” for Our Class Magazine citing multiple sources, using hyperlinks (in text) and MLA Works Cited. This time the magazine is looking for arguments that work “deductively,” i.e., that begin with a premise you think your generation should accept, from which you deduce a conclusion about some issue. Your “I say” should be framed as a response to some published “they say” on this issue (from the NYT, WSJ or elsewhere).

Murphy Library

Check out our webpage here for all the information on databases, the library catalog, and helpful LibGuides to help you with your research. 

library catalog is the complete inventory of the information resources held in a library collection. Library catalogs list books, e-books, videos, e-resources, periodical subscriptions, government documents, maps, and more.

What is Reference? How can a Reference Librarian help you? Find out here!

MLA Style

See Murphy Library's Citing sources guide for comprehensive guidance to MLA style.