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HIS 490 Research: Chicago Citation Style Online Guide

Research Guide for Special Collections and the Area Research Center (SC/ARC)

Online Chicago Citation Guide


The Chicago-Style Citation Quick Guide on the Chicago Manual of Style website provides excellent examples of common citation entries in both the notes and bibliography and author/date formats. Click on the link to access the Quick Guide.


 Chicago style citation follows two separate formats: 1. notes and bibliography and 2. author-date. Be sure to ask your professor which format s/he prefers

  • In the notes and bibliography format, sources are cited in the text by including a superscript number¹ next to the quotation, paraphrase, or source reference. The full citation is then listed in a note, either as a footnote (at the bottom of the page) or as an endnote (at the end of the chapter or article). A bibliography, or separate list of sources, is often, but not always, included. Ask your professor about his/her preferences regarding footnotes, endnotes, and the bibliography. For more information, see also Chapter 14 in The Chicago Manual of Style.


  • In the author-date format, sources are cited in the text by including the author's last name and the year of publication in parentheses directly following the quotation, paraphrase, or other source reference. Page numbers are included for quotations and some paraphrased materials. Example: (Jones 2003) or (Jones 2003, 45). A References list with full citations is required at the end of the document. For more information, see also Chapter 15 in The Chicago Manual of Style.