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Introduction to Murphy Library: UWL START: Student Jobs

Use this guide as a general guide to the resources, services, and spaces available to you at Murphy Library. This is the perfect introduction for first-year students, transfer students, or that junior or senior that hasn't been to the library in a while.

Student Employment at Murphy Library

Murphy Library typically employs about 75 -100 students as circulation desk staff, book shelvers, office support staff, archives staff, content makers, gallery help, digital collections staff, book processors, and for assistance on many other special projects. When looking for student help we prioritize hiring work study eligible students to fill positions. 

How to apply for student employment

Completion of this application is required for students wishing to be considered for both work study and student employment. Applications remain on file for one semester only and are evaluated on the basis of:

  • Class/activity schedule
  • Library experience
  • Ability to make a long-term employment commitment
  • Data entry/retrieval background
  • Public relations experience

Work study and students who have worked at Murphy Library are given priority in the application process. If you think you may be eligible for work study, please go to the Financial Aid Office, Graff Main Hall. We receive many applications and are unable to update each applicant on the status of their application. If you have questions, you may contact us at 608.785.8520.

The application is a one-page document. You will need to have adobe reader and email access in order to successfully submit your application. Incomplete forms will not be eligible for employment. Paper copies are not accepted.


Step 1: Complete and save the application form

  • Download the Student Employment Application
  • Please use Adobe Acrobat to complete the form; do not use Mac preview or in-browser pdf viewers
  • Enter your information on the application
  • Save the application as your last and first name.pdf (Example: SmithJohn.pdf)
  • Review your pdf to make sure it is complete

Be sure to note where you saved  your application as you will need to attach this file to the email when you send the document to the library.

Step 2: Email employment application form

  • Open your email program and send a new message to
  • Subject line should be student application
  • Attach your Employment Application (SmithJohn.pdf)

If any information on the application changes, you must submit an update. Please note that information has to be complete as it REPLACES the original application on file.

List of Acceptable Forms to Verify Employment Eligibility

Student Workers