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Curriculum Center & Curriculum Collections: Reading Levels

Due to the coronavirus upset, many publishers and educational organizations have exceptional online content for children, teachers, parents, and anyone interested in children's books

Reading Levels Explained

This site by Scholastic gives your an understanding the differences between leveled reading systems and choosing a system to use, plus how to make a leveled book list and what to do if a book isn't leveled. Also available are lesson plans, teacher took kit, book talk and author ideas, student activities, and a book finder page that lists reading levels, interest levels, and lexile for most books-- including a keyword search option to find books on a topic.

Lexile Numbers is a site that matches texts with lexile numbers, and includes a title search to determine lexile levels for books.

Critically Thinking About Reading Levels

This article, "Three Myths About Reading Levels," posted February 28, 2017 in Psychology Today, written by Paula J. Schwanenflugel, Ph.D., and Nancy Flanagan Knapp, Ph.D., gives you a few ideas to think about when considering matching reading material and a reader according to grades and reading levels, including two other exceptions.